Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular for men. Below is a list of the most common procedures for men at Combs Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics. Click the links to learn more:


What is a Brow Lift? A brow lift, sometimes called a forehead lift, raises eyebrows that may have begun to drop due to gravity and can also correct forehead creases, as well as frown lines between the eyebrows. If your brows are uneven or have lost their natural arch, these conditions can also often be… Read More »


What is a Face Lift? A face lift, also called rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure that addresses facial wrinkles and sagging of the middle to lower portions of the face. It can correct jowls, marionette lines, nasolabial folds, and sagging in the cheek area, tightening the face for a more youthful look. Dr. Combs has… Read More »


What is a Neck Lift? A neck lift can correct signs of aging on the neck, such as wrinkles, jowls, double chin, and muscle cords or bands. The result is a tighter and smoother neck that looks significantly younger. Dr. Combs has performed many successful neck lifts. During your consultation, he will spend time with… Read More »


What is Eyelid Surgery? The aging process can make you look tired due to drooping upper eyelids, puffiness under the eyes, or deep frown lines between the eyebrows. Eyelid surgery (also called blepharoplasty or eyelid lift) corrects these conditions and helps you look younger quickly. Often, the eyes even look larger as a result. This… Read More »


What is a Tummy Tuck? When the abdomen accumulates excess fat or loose skin, no amount of diet and exercise may be enough to restore a flat, firm tummy. Stretched abdominal muscles, which often happen after pregnancy, absolutely cannot be corrected by diet or exercise. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) can recontour the abdomen, repairing stretched… Read More »


What is Liposuction? Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure because it can contour the body where stubborn pockets of fat have accumulated. It can be used most anywhere but is most commonly used on the neck, abdomen, thighs, flanks, back, and arms. While liposuction will help you look slimmer in the treated areas, it… Read More »


What is Male Breast Reduction? Gynecomastia is a condition that causes enlarged breasts in men and boys. Two in three men experience it, and it can occur at any age. While gynecomastia is not usually serious, it is sometimes associated with diseases including cancer and thyroid issues. Men who have gynecomastia should see a physician to… Read More »


What is Ear Surgery? Ear surgery, also called Otoplasty, can correct ear abnormalities, such as ears that protrude, are excessively large, misshapen, or asymmetrical. It can also repair stretched or torn earlobes. A number of techniques might be used to restore a normal appearance to the ears, including grafting of cartilage. Dr. Combs has extensive…Read More »

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