Eyelid Surgery

What is Eyelid Surgery?

The aging process can make you look tired due to drooping upper eyelids, puffiness under the eyes, or deep frown lines between the eyebrows. Eyelid surgery (also called blepharoplasty or eyelid lift) corrects these conditions and helps you look younger quickly. Often, the eyes even look larger as a result. This procedure is popular with both men and women.

If your upper eyelids hang over your eyes, upper blepharoplasty will tighten the area below your eyebrows. This procedure can also improve frown lines.

If you have bags under your eyes, a lower blepharoplasty is the proper procedure for you. Some patients have both upper and lower eyelid surgery. In some cases, the surgeries can be done concurrently, but this is not recommended for all patients. Dr. Combs will discuss that possibility with you during your consultation.

If your eyebrows have dropped too low on your forehead, or if you have forehead creases, an eyelid lift will not take care of these conditions. In this case, you would need a brow lift (forehead lift). Some patients have an eyelid lift and brow lift at the same time. Others have a facelift for the lower part of the face at the same time as eyelid surgery.

In consultation with you, Dr. Combs will spend time with you to answer your questions and make sure he fully understands what you want to achieve. He will examine you and take a full medical history to ensure that you are a good candidate for eyelid surgery.

What to Expect from Eyelid Surgery

Your surgery may be performed using local anesthesia and sedation, or you may require general anesthesia. You will be able to go home a few hours after the procedure.

For upper eyelid surgery, Dr. Combs make an incision in the folds of the eyelid where the scar will not be seen. Excess fat and skin is then removed to tighten the area for a natural, more youthful look.

Lower eyelid surgery is a bit more intricate. The tiny incision is made either directly under the lower lash line or on the underside of the lower eyelid (called transconjunctival eyelid surgery). The excess fat is then removed, as well as excess skin, if necessary, to create a flatter, more youthful under-eye area.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery and Aftercare

Pain, swelling, bruising, and a feeling of tightness are to be expected after eyelid surgery, but most patients are surprised that it is less than they expected. If you sleep upright for the first few nights, you will keep swelling to a minimum.

Your eyes will probably feel a bit irritated, and your vision might be slightly blurry for a few days. You can take pain medication to ease discomfort, and we will give you eye drops to use for a period of time.

Most people go back to work within two weeks and can resume exercising in about a month.

We will let you know when it is safe to wear eye makeup – usually within seven to 14 days. You will see us for follow-up appointments so that we can carefully monitor your healing and make sure that you are pleased with the results.

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